Good Farming Practices
Excellent Results

McVeigh Partnership incorporates the latest agricultural technologies in taking care of your farmland.
You can rely on us to develop your farm as if it were our very own.


Cultivating quality farm land is our passion. We have the resources to manage your investment so you can feel confident your land will endure changing climate conditions and market needs. We have established many successful long-term partnerships, proving the reliability and high-value of our management services.

At McVeigh Partnership, we take great pride in the work we do.

For more than 60 years, we have been farming vast acres of land on behalf of our clients, ensuring they get the best yields out of their crops. Our comprehensive range of services have evolved over time to cover the wide-ranging requirements of our clients.

We offer complete
client & land specific farm
management services.



Land Lease

Value offered to the property owner for a set rental amount

2 Share Farm Model

Percentage of the gross income shared between parties at an agreed amount

3 Whole of Farm Management

Various formats available

4 Joint Venture & Customised Programs


We oversee land preparation and provide the necessary equipment to ensure that yields are the best they can be.